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HEAR ME amplifies students' voices using MEDIA and TECHNOLOGY to CREATE a world where they are heard, acknowledged and understood, giving them the power to INSPIRE social change.

#16 STEM and Gender Bias - Part 2


Join us for Part 2 of our report on Gender Bias in STEM.

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#15 STEM and Gender Bias - Part 1


Hear Me worked with members in CMU’s School of Computer Science and with students from Penn State New Kensington to ask K-12 students from the PGH region to describe their experiences with STEM learning and to identify whether gender bias affects them.

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#14 Podcasts from Bosnia and Herzegovina


This month, we have mini-podcasts created by students from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Magee Womencare International has a program that brings youth delegates to the US for two weeks to learn about youth leadership and civic engagement.

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#13 Youth Leading Change


Recently, Hear Me partnered with Duquense University’s Youth Leading Change program to run a podcasting workshop with the Youth Leading change high school students. These are those podcasts.

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