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One snow filled morning I woke to the sounds of ringing emanating from my phone as its main function is to be an alarm clock for me. I staggered out of bed and dragged myself into the shower still half-awake till the warmth of the water crashed onto my seeming lifeless body; a tingle sent rushing up my spine caused an almost euphoric awakening. Sadly afterwards, I realized it’s just going to be another day like always. And of course as always I get the call that I dread to receive: it’s my mother calling to make sure I’m up and getting ready for school. I let it ring for a second or two then reach out of the shower to answer let her know I’m up and am in the middle of my shower. After drying off and hearing the loud roar produced from the hair drier, I have to make the toughest decision of my day which band shirt to wear while I’ll just cover it up with a hoodie once that’s all said and done I look for my spectacles, wallet , phone and iPod. I check the time on my phone to see if I missed a beat in my step as always its 6:32 before I head down stairs. With a click I sit and wait for my computer to boot up, just like a kid in a candy store I’m overcome with joy once I can finally browse the internet to pass the time before I have to fight against the forces of nature to get on the bus. To waste time I check my messages even though I know my in box will be empty and for once I’m correct about something of course it’s nothing of importance so to spend the last few minutes I listen to my iPod and head out the door.
Walking down the giant of a hill I live on i decide to just walk on the road sense it’s not blanked with ice unlike the side walk, yet not only do I now face the chilling winds I have to look out for cars. Just as scheduled a truck passes now not having to stay on guard I turn up the volume and get to the foot of the hill where I stand and wait with two others in silence for the bus to pick us up. While commuting to school I hear the faint sounds of others conversations, a girl crying and some posers blasting rap i make my music louder to drowned out the sounds of everyone around me and yet even with the sweet sound of Ulver playing I drift off to sleep. Like a nightmare I arrive at school, drossy now from napping I linger into school and stand with my group of friends and covers about something usually the topic is off a band I suggested they look into. Shortly after the bell rings for first period and being the ever so popular lad I am I even make it to class before my teacher. After the late bell signs my teacher Mr. Smith (no affiliation) hands out a packet that the class is supposed to copy. Time flies for what should seem longer the bell rings and I’m off to second period where I literally do nothing but talk to my friend Marie. The teacher doesn’t seem to mind as long as we get done with the story we are supposed to read. Once that’s over its just study hall, then math which is fine because it’s my favorite class even though what we do doesn’t seem like much of a challenge in my mind all it is solving matrixes. Then bam bell rings I’m off to my last class which happens to be biology where cell division is the topic nothing to special. With the classes out of the way it’s time to indulge in my schools bountiful choices of burgers nachos and pizza. After getting some slop that looked edible I sat down with my best to eat our lunches and wait for the bus to come pick us up to take us to tech. The bus ride was the same as always, dirty kids in the back being loud and stupid with their chew bottles in hand waiting to be filled with their disgusting habits. Once entering my class room we were given the news of a report and as I sat and pondered about my topic of choice, before me on my screen laid the answer. I would tell about accomplishing said report and the events that would lead up to and helped shape my success.

By Zach, 17
Recorded at Allegheny Intermediate Unit on January 27, 2011
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