A Creative Poet

Tags: Education

By James, 15
Recorded at Shadow Lounge on April 25, 2011
James talks about how he has become an avid writer of poetry.


By: Anonymous - almost 9 years ago -
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Very well spoken! Continue to pursue your goals with zeal and passion!
Mrs. McHenry

By: Anonymous - almost 9 years ago -
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Nice job, James! I am very proud of you!

Mrs. Karpinski

By: Anonymous - almost 9 years ago -
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James, what a wonderful way to start writing and sharing your work! I'm proud of you! Ms. Copeland

By: Anonymous - almost 9 years ago -
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I am so proud of you and hope that you continue with your journey in writing. Keep up the good work! Mrs. F.

By: Anonymous - almost 9 years ago -
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thank you so much for posting my recording on your website

By: Jess - over 8 years ago -
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Thank you so much for participating in Hear Me and sharing your story!

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